Manager's Message providers in the country. Thousands of young people like you have graduated from the college over the last years and have created countless success stories in the making of an educated nation. At Mannu Lal Dwivedi Mahavidyalaya, we pay a great deal of attention to every facet of your learning and student life.

             It is because of this, that we have evolved some of the best practices in training and career development.

             Mannu Lal Dwivedi Mahavidyalaya College as one of the pioneering institutions of education in India, the College has developed distinct brand equity. The learners here challenge assumptions, think beyond visible limits, and add the value of excellence in whatever they do.

             Teachers are the backbones for any academic institution. The growth of any institution will be at stake if due recognitions are not given for them. These capabilities include not only first rate infrastructure and facilities but also a teaching faculty which is as good as, if not better than, any of the best colleges in India. We pride ourselves in our unique teaching methods and learning environment which give to our student’s practical, hands-on knowledge, skills and attitudes as well as work ethics which make them highly sought in education today.

             In the pages to follow you will learn more about 'Achieving the Teaching Experience.

Pyare Lal Dwivedi



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